“Fake” Game and Watch parts

While on the subject of game and watches, this is something I’ve been mulling over for a while.

What the superb gameandwatch.ch rightly point out, theres a spate at the moment of people completing their game and watch using non original non authentic parts.

I can fully understand what the fuss is about. As a collector and trader, A game and watch in a non original box is pretty much a fake game and watch. It certainly isn’t worth the £50+ (very + in some cases!) that the original in the original box would fetch.

But, to play devil’s advocate for a moment. What’s the big deal? If I bought a game and watch and wanted a replica box to display it with, well, it’s hardly taking any business away from Nintendo is it? And I’m happy, and I’m hurting nobody. You can’t deny the ingenuity of the manufacturers of these replica parts.

Furthermore, I myself sell some replica parts. Replacements for cart slots, or new capacitors. What’s the difference?

So I suppose, when it comes down to it, I feel personally that the line has to be drawn here: Don’t sell reproduction/non original merchandise without declaring it as such.  It is fairly possible to detect the originals from the “fakes”, certainly for a seasoned trader like myself.

Beyond that, I don’t think it hurts anyone.

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  • Karl123 says:

    Hello,i cant agree with you more!
    I am a collector myself and have nearly the whole game & watch series,but i dont have all the boxes for them.
    But for me to be able to obtain a repro box and contents to house a particular game its a god send as i know i’ll probably never get that partiular box.
    The only way i can see the repro items becoming a problem is if the sellers start forgeting to mention that the items are repro.
    Thats my opinion on the matter.Best Regards.

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