How to refurbish your SNES controllers – a guide

After 10+ years of use and abuse, you have probably completely forgotten how firm and responsive your SNES pads used to be. Restore your snes pads back to full working order and nice stiff response, with this guide, and the kit – available here.

Here’s the process, very simple as you will see…


1. Remove these screws


2. Remove this plug, carefully, by pulling firmly towards you, it slides out horizontally.


3. Remove the L and R buttons, they are just hanging loose on a pin. DO NOT lose the pin!


4. Pull the contact pads out of the L and R button. Also now you can remove the black wire and turn over the circuit board.


5. ┬áThese are the old contact pads. Remove them. Remember where they go, although its quite hard not to get them right, theyre specific shapes. Refer to this diagram if you have any trouble figuring it out. DO NOT let the actual buttons fall out. Its not a big deal if they do, but it will add extra work putting them back in place if they come out. Suggest cleaning the contacts too, with alcohol or benzene, just to get any grot or film off. I didn’t (I forgot), and it didn’t seem to make a difference. But you probably should.


6. Replace with new pads from the kit. They fit the same as the originals, so no problems here.


7. Replace the circuit board, put the black switch back. NOTE that in the pic, the plug is upside down. The “slot” goes downward, match it to the socket, its easy to do. Replace also the new L and R contact pads, they just drop in. HINT: The plug needs to click back into place fully. If your pad doesnt work when you reassemble it, it’s because the plug isn’t firmly and fully clicked back into place. Yes, I did that, but I’m telling you to save you doing it too :)


8. Replace the back, replace the screws.


9. Enjoy your favourite old pad with your favourite old games!

See? Not so hard is it? Took me about 5 minutes, including taking all the pictures!

NES controller is exactly the same, but of course, I will post a similar guide if anyone needs it – let me know.

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