Retro game carts don’t save anymore? Fixable, of course..

If you’re a collector you’re bound to have come across this scenario. You buy a SNES or NES game from ebay, or you dig one out of the cupboard, and insert it to find:

Save Game 1: —  –/–/–

Save Game 2: — –/–/–


Nightmare! So you think, well, maybe it will be ok. You start your game. You play a bit, you save, you go to bed.

Next morning, still no game!! Read on..

Well. If you look around on the internet there’s a LOT of advice about this. None of it is particularly sensible advice, in my opinion. Why? Well. Most of the advice tells you to either:

- pull the old battery contacts off with pliers and try to solder them onto a new battery. Bad idea, because the batteries explode at a lower temp than solder melts at. Don’t try it. Seriously. Oh, and solder doesnt stick so well to steel batteries. :)

- pull the old battery contacts off and tape them to the new battery. Well, that’s great, but tape is temporary. Halfway through your zelda game, you might shake the cart a bit furiously removing it from the machine, and it might slip. Bye bye save game!!

So, you’re thinking, how do I do it properly then? Simple. Get the right battery with the correct solder tags on and follow this guide.

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