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How Bright is YOUR Backlight? The GBA SP’s Secret Relative Revealed, AGS-101 vs AGS-001

So, you have a Gameboy Advance SP to play GB / GBC and GBA Games on? Not bright enough?

Turns out theres something that not many people know about the GBA SP. There was a second release with a backlit screen, not frontlit (technically side lit..).

It was released in North America, and Europe in very limited numbers. The available colours are typically light blue, light pink and dark metallic grey. In Europe, also the tribal is rumoured to have been released in the 101 model. So, you won’t see a standard common silver AGS-101.

How can you tell the difference? It’s simple, if you know what you’re looking for. The serial number on the bottom.

The original GBA SP has model number “AGS-001″.

The prized 2nd release with the bright screen has model number “AGS-101″.

And here’s the difference in brightness, side by side. The AGS-101 is on the left, obviously.

..and the difference in price is at least double.

So, next time you see a GBA SP console, just flip it over and check the model number ;o)

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