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Game Review Special: Gameboy Advance – Bit Generations

Heard of bit generations? Possibly not. You’re missing out on a big piece of classic gaming that never made it outside of Japan. And best of all, no Japanese language skills needed.

The games are a nice set of 7. For the sake of completeness, first I will list them:

1) Boundish
2) Coloris
3) Dialhex
4) Dotstream
5) Digidrive
6) Orbital

Let me set the record straight first of all. These aren’t just games. They are art. I know occasionally the world has a “debate” about whether games can be art, but proof beyond all reasonable doubt lies in these titles. Here’s why…

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Retro Game Review! SMS, Fantasy Zone

Ah, this one brings back some memories.

One of the less well known sideways scrolling shooters, fantasy zone is not only easy enough to finish, but pleasurable enough to make playing the whole game a warm experience, with only the odd moment of rage.

Fantasy Zone025So, what’s the big deal, I hear you ask?

Well. Fact is, Fantasy Zone manages to do what very few shooters of this era ever managed to do – make each successive level and each successive boss more and more interesting.

This is fairly mainstream thinking nowadays, but back then, designers, especially designers of games like this, thought that making the game increasingly difficult was enough.

Read on…but beware, there are a few spoilers, as screenshots from the whole game are included.

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Retro Game Review! SNES, F-Zero

Are you ready?

Are you ready?

If the thought of a “zero gravity racing game on the SNES” sounds about as exciting as stabbing yourself in the ear with a spoon, then you might want to read on. Not, I might add, due to my sadistic tendencies, but because this game is an absolute gem.

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Retro Game Review! SNES, Super Aleste


Shooters have been around as long as consoles. It’s fair to say everyone has their favourites, many rooted deep in their younger years, with memories of propping up arcade cabinets watching their friends load the 10p coins into glowing slots while sitting on ripped faux leather seats with stains from coke, beer or worse. You can almost smell it.

Super Aleste (E)_00014

Times inevitably had to change. By the early nineties, arcade machines were the last resort of the bored or inebriated. Most of us were tucked up at home on the sofa, playing on our favourite consoles, on a new generation of games.

However, the shooter did still make the odd appearance on the humble console, but they rarely caught on. Only very occasionally did any such game stand out from the crowd. Super Aleste is one such game.   Read the rest of this entry »

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