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Just In: Crazy Kong Grandstand – rare handheld


That's crazy alright!

What is it?

Crazy Kong LCD pocket Arcade Game by Grandstand.

What’s it do?

It’s got an alarm, watch, stopwatch and date/day functions. Ah, yes, and it’s a game.

What’s the game?

In a word: It’s HARD.
Here goes -

The object of the game is for the boy [boy? isn't that cruel?] to climb to the tower and escape before he is defeated by the monsters.
If the boy is caught by one of the monsters, a chance is lost. You get four chances (boys) before the game is over.
There are six monsters in the game:

Big foot: If the boy stays in the starting position too long (7 seconds), big foot will appear and kick the boy forward one space.

: Frankenstein rauses his arms up and down. If he catches the boy, the boy is defeated and a chance is lost.

: Dracula moves up and down and changes back and forth from a bat to Dracula. If Dracula catches the boy [you guessed it] a chance is lost.

Sea Monster: The sea monster moves up and down. [You know what's coming next so I won't bother copy typing it.]

: [No, seriously. It says Mummyman right here. Really. Anyway] Mummyman moves back and forth and       rolls [that massive space typo is ACTUALLY in the manual] rolls boulders down the steps at the boy. [bit harsh isn't it?] If a boulder hits the boy, the boy tumbles down and is defeated. And [wait for it....!] a chance is lost.

: [obviously these two are best of friends in the old erm..tower] Skeletonman attacks the boy with his knife. Skeletonman can push the boy back with thrusts of his knife. If skeletonman throws his knife, [come on everybody, join in!] the boy is defeated and a chance is lost.

Enough from the manual anyway. If you want to read the rest of this comedy book, you’re going to have to buy it, or come round to Rewind Towers. I promise we don’t have any mummymen or skeletonmen. Maybe the odd bigfoot.

Moving on.

What seems to be competing with a Nintendo Game and Watch, seems to be more like an episode of Takeshi’s Castle. With so many ridiculously hard challenges, it’s either obsessively hard, or, plain laughable in gameplay. I have no idea whether you can actually complete it. I most certainly can’t. The manual suggests of a “perfect score” of 2000. I managed to get 153.

But, fellow retro fans, that’s just the thing. It doesn’t matter. It’s a piece of gaming history, and that’s enough.

Back Story

Believe it or not, there is one. Crazy Kong was in fact first an arcade game. It was “similar” (read into that what you will!) to Nintendo’s Donkey Kong. The game was then ported (loosely!) to the handheld electronic game, which is “similar” (again, read what you will) to a Nintendo Game and Watch. Oddly enough, the company named Falcon later released a handheld sequel to this, called Crazy Kong Jr (read into that what you will!). Crazy Kong was also ported to the Spectrum and C64, which is why you may have heard of it.

Funny Final Fact

The monkey on the box, is not in the game. What??

I Want It!!

Come get it then.

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