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Variations on a theme: Dreamcast cables

There’s some confusion over which cables are better or worse for the dreamcast, since there’s a few options to choose from.

So here’s a handy diagram I drew to illustrate the situation more clearly.

You have to click on the image to see the full size, as it clips the right hand side off.

Feel free to use this, but please credit me if you do :)

Bear in mind that some TVs just “don’t like” s-video, so consider it to be the most risky format, although the results can be absolutely superb if your TV can handle it well.

mmmonkey addresses a common dreamcast fault – the random reset

I mentioned this on facebook, but it’s got quite a reaction so I guess it’s important enough to get its own article here.

Basically, as any good retro trader knows, the dreamcast is getting pretty unreliable in its old age. We bench test every dreamcast before sale for at least 2 hours, and we find that about 3 in 5 will not pass this bench test.

The most common errors are:

-apply light pressure to the lid while in operation and the console resets (more on that later!)

- The dreamcast seems to start a constant downwards reset cycle once it warms up.

mmmonkey has addressed point 2 in this tutorial.

We’re not 100% convinced that this would fix every last one of our resetting dreamcasts, we’ve learned that usually the simple fixes are too good to be true! But we’re going to monitor the situation and see just what proportion can be saved by the simple action in the tutorial. Please also comment below if you’ve tried it yourself.

How Bright is YOUR Backlight? The GBA SP’s Secret Relative Revealed, AGS-101 vs AGS-001

So, you have a Gameboy Advance SP to play GB / GBC and GBA Games on? Not bright enough?

Turns out theres something that not many people know about the GBA SP. There was a second release with a backlit screen, not frontlit (technically side lit..).

It was released in North America, and Europe in very limited numbers. The available colours are typically light blue, light pink and dark metallic grey. In Europe, also the tribal is rumoured to have been released in the 101 model. So, you won’t see a standard common silver AGS-101.

How can you tell the difference? It’s simple, if you know what you’re looking for. The serial number on the bottom.

The original GBA SP has model number “AGS-001″.

The prized 2nd release with the bright screen has model number “AGS-101″.

And here’s the difference in brightness, side by side. The AGS-101 is on the left, obviously.

..and the difference in price is at least double.

So, next time you see a GBA SP console, just flip it over and check the model number ;o)

Retro value, the investment games


Very few games and consoles ever exceed their original RRP, so it is considered foolish to buy any gaming hardware and keep it to sell on later.

But there are exceptions to every rule. This was highlighted recently when a pallet of new Virtual Boy consoles was discovered, and now must be worth an eye-wateringly huge amount. These consoles would have presumably otherwise been sold off in the bargain bin of some department store back when they were withdrawn for, well, blinding small children a bit.

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Will Zelda Spirit Tracks be any good?

As the release date for the new Zelda game on the DS, “The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks”, comes ever closer, the question many are asking is “Should I bother?”.

We’re forgiven for our skepticism. After all, the last Zelda release on the DS, “Phantom Hourglass” was, well, too gimmicky. Shallow plot. Repetitive gameplay. And most importantly, too short. I, and many other traditional RPG fans and Zelda fans alike were left disappointed.

But, instead of analyzing what we didn’t like about Phantom Hourglass, I’m going to take a guess based on the information out there about the latest offering.

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